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Welcome to Centurion Home Inspection Ltd. Regan Rolfes is a fully certified home inspector with the tools and the experience needed for quality, honest and thorough home evaluations. Buying a home is a big decision and the largest investment most consumers will ever make. Before buying, you should know the condition of the home and what repairs might be needed. Centurion Home Inspection Ltd. has the experience to help you.

Our Story

Regan initially began his career as a framer in the construction industry in 2003, and through hard work, training and dedication, started contracting and building full houses in 2009. As a fully certified home inspector, whether you’re a buyer, seller, renter, or investor, Centurion Home Inspection Ltd. is dedicated to providing you with a professional inspection following the standards and practices outlined by InterNACHI (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors)

Home inspection is one of the most crucial aspects of purchasing a house. They not only help the buyers to understand the red flags but also make sure there is peace of mind when the purchase is made. Buying a new home for the first time or shifting to a different home for the tenth time, the peace of mind should never be compromised, and neither should the enthusiasm.

The excitement you experience when buying a house is immense. But if the house you are making an investment in is not worthy and upto the basic criteria, there will be no return policy that you can opt for. You will only be left with the repairs, replacements, damage control, and paying bills for the rest of your stay there.

Centurion Home Inspections is an Edmonton Condo/townhouse inspection company you can trust. We have the best in class certified and experienced professionals for doing the inspections. Also, we provide the best price for at par inspection in the industry as well as discounts and offers to boot.

Centurion Home Inspection is a notable Edmonton New Construction inspection company you can trust. Our professionals are not only certified by InterNACHI but also have industry experience at their disposal.

Roof inspection in Edmonton is a breeze, thanks to professional roof inspectors from Centurion Home Inspection. We have thorough professionals to nail the inspection but go easy on your pocket. What all is inspected for a thorough roof inspection?
Attic Inspection in Edmonton can be done by taking help from the best in the industry, the Centurion Home Inspection. We have a team of InterNACHI certified professionals who are perfect for this job. Our professionals provide the satisfaction of a job well done.
Electrical wiring and installations deteriorate over time. Yet, most property owners overlook the electrical systems. It is crucial to understand how fatal faulty electrical wiring can be. We all want our family and loved ones to be safe at all times. In order to ensure their safety, and your own safety, it is strongly recommended to get the house thoroughly inspected.
Your home gives you many signs that you should get a call professional to get a foundation inspection in Edmonton. These signs may include large cracks on the exterior walls, uneven floors, cracks above doors, window or door frame pulling away, or if you feel your floor is not solid under your feet. If you are buying a new home, you should get a foundation inspection done without fail. 

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