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Attic Inspection in Edmonton

Attic Inspection in Edmonton can be done by taking help from the best in the industry, the Centurion Home Inspection. We have a team of InterNACHI certified professionals who are perfect for this job. Our professionals provide the satisfaction of a job well done. 

For the attic inspection following points are thoroughly checked- 

  1. Attic inspection takes place to check on the ventilation of the house attic being inspected
  2. Insulations of a house are generally in the attic, so they are properly checked
  3. Any leaks present in the attic are checked and the damage they have already caused or can cause in the future are ascertained
  4.  Exhaust vents & ducts are exhaustively checked for any malfunction or defect
  5. Any pest infestation if any is also checked in case of attic inspection.

An Edmonton Attic Inspection Company You Can Trust

Centurion Home Inspection is touted to be an Edmonton attic inspection company you can trust. Ours is a client-centric company that gives much-needed importance to the needs of our clients. Our experienced professionals provide top-class service to our customers. The said professionals not only have experience but are also certified by the international certification agency called InterNACHI.

Why Choose us for Attic Inspection?

Centurion Home Inspections should be chosen for attic inspection because we have-

  • InterNACHI certified officials who know how to do their job properly
  • Our professionals’ experience is envy-worthy
  • Competitive pricing and additional discounts and offers keep our clients coming around again and again
  • We use the latest technology and equipment to conduct our inspection
  • After the inspection, our reports are made using the similar latest technology and equipment for your perusal.

Attic Inspection in Edmonton

An attic is not just a storeroom below your roof. It is a place where all the major components of your home including the electrical, plumbing, and ventilation collide. In an attic inspection in Edmonton, our home inspectors check whether there is any kind of leakage in the attic and if the ventilation is clear and working. The roof vents are inspected and attic inspections also involve insulation removal or installing insulation. Contact us today if you have any attic inspection needs in Edmonton.

An Edmonton Attic Inspection Company You Can Trust

Attic inspection is not an easy task. It takes a great deal of effort and experience to properly inspect an attic. During the inspection, a home inspector will focus on the attic hatch, roof vents, and the existing insulation installed.

If you have been having trouble finding a reliable and trustworthy inspection company to fulfill your attic inspection needs, Centurion Home Inspection Ltd has got you covered. Our home inspectors are professionals and trained by InterNACHI. They will always work in accordance with the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice set by the association. This results in better efficiency and effectiveness of the inspection.


The attic is often the most neglected part of the house. It should be checked at least once every 3-4 months for any visual discrepancies for-
  • Insulation
  • Ventilation
  • Moisture related damage
  • Rodent infestation or activity.
A yearly professional attic inspection by the likes of Centurion Home Inspection can minimize the damage and wear and tear of your attic.
If you have bad attic insulation you are likely to experience one or more of-
  1. Leakage in your home
  2. Ice blocks or ridges 
  3. Moisture and mold in the attic
  4. Rodent problem 
  5. High energy bills
  6. Cold bathrooms, rooms, floors, etc.
  7. Frozen pipes etc.
For a professional opinion on your attic insulation, you should rely on professionals, such as Centurion Home Inspections, who provide industry par service at amazing prices.

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