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Electrical Inspection in Edmonton

Electrical wiring and installations deteriorate over time. Yet, most property owners overlook the electrical systems. It is crucial to understand how fatal faulty electrical wiring can be. We all want our family and loved ones to be safe at all times. In order to ensure their safety, and your own safety, it is strongly recommended to get the house thoroughly inspected. This also includes electrical inspection in Edmonton. 

More often than not, electrical service providers are called when the fuse stops working or when a breaker trips. This is why electrical faults are one of the most common causes behind house fires. 

Thus, you should get electrical inspections done on a regular basis. This will help you keep your loved ones and your belongings safe. 

If you are looking for professionals to get electrical inspections done to ensure electrical safety at your property, Centurion Home Inspection is your most ideal solution. We have a team of well-trained and certified professionals who will make sure that you and your loved ones are safe from every electrical fault. 

An Edmonton Electrical Inspection Company You Can Trust

When you are planning to get an electrical inspection done, it is important to find service providers that you can trust. At Centurion Home Inspection, we have a team of friendly yet professional inspectors who are known to keep your needs above anyone else’s. 

We understand that buying a new home is an overwhelming process. We help you make the final decision when you are better informed about the condition of the property you are about to purchase. It so happens that most sellers or realtors might hide vital information such as the true condition of the electrical panels or systems. 

When you encounter any issues with electrical systems once you’ve purchased the house, it not only makes you uneasy and uncomfortable, it also costs a fortune to fix these issues. So, in order to avoid paying huge amounts on repairs once you’ve purchased the house, it is best to get the home inspected by professional electrical inspectors, just like Centurion Home Inspections. 

For us, your satisfaction and safety will always be the top priority. You can give us a call and share your requirements. We will be happy to help you out. 

Why Choose us for Electrical Inspection?

An electrical inspection is not something that a novice should do. It requires a professional with proper training and skill to ensure electrical safety at your property. We have a team of only certified and well-trained professionals at Centurion Home Inspections. 

All our team members have years of experience in dealing with various electrical faults and repairs. They can cater to all your electrical inspection needs. 

After a thorough inspection, the reports that are delivered have every little detail mentioned. From minute to major repairs, you will find everything mentioned in the report. Our team makes sure to not leave the property before checking each and every electrical panel. 

Your safety and satisfaction are always a driving factor for the team at Centurion Home Inspections. We also give you suggestions and tips in order to keep your property’s electrical system in a good condition. 

Moreover, if you are not sure about whether you should get an electrical inspection done or not, you need to just give us a call. Our team experts will understand your issues and help you give the right direction that you should be taking. 

What You Can Expect From our Certified Inspector?

Our team of professionals has a well-structured procedure to carry out the electrical inspection. That’s the true difference between a novice and a professional. 

The home inspectors that visit your house for electrical inspections will have a checklist ready. The inspector may check for the following: 

  • Condition of wires including their wear and tear. 
  • Condition and working of every socket, switch, and light fixture. 
  • Suitability of all the switchgear including RCD, MCBs, and more. 
  • Working condition of the RCDs, circuit breakers, etc. 
  • Proper installation of fuses and their elements. 
  • Condition of the grounding system and earthing. 
  • Ensure that sockets and wires are not overloaded. 
  • Ensure that labeling and grouping are proper inside the distribution panel. 
  • Ensure that wiring is up-to-date and not expired. 

These are some of the many elements of an electrical system that our inspectors check in order to create and deliver a proper report. 

Give us a call if you are in search of professionals to help you with any electrical service. 

Certified Inspector for Electrical Home Inspection

The electrical system is one of the most crucial major systems in a household along with plumbing, roofing, and the HVAC. Electrical wirings cover the whole property and a minuscule amount of problems can lead to a huge loss. It is always a good idea to conduct an electrical inspection in Edmonton.

Centurion Home Inspection Ltd and many other home inspection companies offer electrical inspections in Edmonton. The major focus is to check on the electrical installations and electrical equipment, light fixtures, and any other electrical issues.

Our certified inspector for an electrical home inspection will deliver a seamless experience to you along with s detailed and comprehensive home inspection report.

Home Inspector Near You for Home Electricity Inspection

If you are a resident of Edmonton and looking for a home inspector near you for electrical inspection, contact Centurion Home Inspection Ltd right away. Our expert inspectors cover the whole of Edmonton and make sure that the services that we deliver do not leave room for questions and regrets. Our home inspectors in Edmonton are specially trained and certified by the associations like InterNACHI. We ensure you that we are always by your side. All you need to do is pick up your phone and call us to schedule an electrical inspection service in Edmonton and we will be at your doorstep before you know it.


If you have been facing electrical issues on a regular basis such as power outages or tripping circuit breakers, that’s when you know that you need to get an electrical inspection. You should also get an inspection done when you are buying a new house or if the electrical system is older than 25 years.
When a professional home inspector, like that at Centurion Home Inspection carries out the electrical inspection, they look for the following among many other elements:
  • Smoke detector testing 
  • Shock hazards 
  • Condition of circuit breakers, grounding system, lights, switches, fixtures, etc. 
  • Ensure light bulb wattage. 
  • Outdoor electrical system examination. 
  • Proper functioning of fault circuit interrupters. 
  • Wear, tear, and expiry date of wiring.

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