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An Edmonton Old Home Inspection Company You Can Trust

The excitement you experience when buying a house is immense. But if the house you are making an investment in is not worthy and upto the basic criterias, there will be no return policy that you can opt for. You will only be left with the repairs, replacements, damage control and paying bills for the rest of your stay there.

Having a trained professional inspect your house before the purchase is the most important dream of your life seems a sensible decision. We at Centurion Home Inspection believe that our clients should invest in a house that is livable, safe and in great condition. When we are inspecting an old home, we are not only looking out at the working aspects of the house, but also make sure to check the interdependency of one aspect on the other.  The condition of the attic, the flooring, plumbing, the HVAC and more are all interconnected. Thus proper functioning of all of these factors is mandatory. The evaluation done during the inspection is elaborate and extensive. The reports you receive will have all the detailed information as well as a concise report on the evaluation done.

Why Choose us for Old Home Inspection?

We at Centurion Home Inspections intend to provide valuable information regarding the evaluation of your house and we keep it unbiased. When you are looking at an older home for purchase, you need to know if there are any areas in the house that require more attention than the other. We look at the house on all levels- the exterior and the interior of all the components. This gives us a better understanding of the system in place. From walls to windows, ceilings to floors, air conditioning to heating are the systems that are inspected for proper reporting.

We provide insight on which area requires repairs, which component requires replacements and if all of this work will be sufficient and wouldn’t trouble you in the future. Our work is highly professional and as trained and certified home inspectors we take pride in our dedication and commitment to our clients.

Certified Inspector for Older Home Inspection

Looking for certified home inspectors to inspect your old home? There is nothing to be worried about as long as you have hired Centurion Home Inspection Ltd to fulfill your home inspection needs.

Older homes have survived the hardships of mankind and elements of nature for decades and yet, stand tall. They have passed the test of time and still stand straight with pride intact. However, time sure plays its part and develops issues that the inexperienced eye cannot identify. However, our certified and experienced home inspectors know what the home has been through and which areas would be the most affected.

Contact us today to carry out a thorough inspection of your older home. Know your home’s condition via our detailed and comprehensive inspection report.

Home Inspector Near You for Old Home Electricity Inspection

One of the most affected systems of old homes is the electrical system. If your home has not seen a change of wiring or electrical appliances for decades, there are chances that the electrical system of your older home is full of flaws and too dangerous to continue using the same wires or appliances.

Our home inspector is always near you when you need him for your old home’s electricity inspection. All you need to do is contact us, tell us your issue, and schedule a booking. Our home inspectors will be there at your doorstep in no time and start their process as soon as possible.

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