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Roof Inspection in Edmonton

Roof inspection in Edmonton is a breeze, thanks to professional roof inspectors from Centurion Home Inspection. We have thorough professionals to nail the inspection but go easy on your pocket. What all is inspected for a thorough roof inspection?

  1. The presence of any cracked caulk or rust spots on the flashing.
  2. The already installed shingles that are blistering, curling, or damaged in any way
  3. The presence of worn and cracked rubber boots around the vents present in the roof.
  4. If the shingles are missing or in any way broken.
  5. Inspection for moss, lichen, or black algae growth in your roof.
  6. The presence or lack of the chimney cap and the damage to it if any.
  7. An Edmonton Roof Inspection Company You Can Trust

    Centurion Home Inspection is an Edmonton roof inspection company you can trust. We are big on industry experience for our inspectors. Also, all our professionals are certified by InterNACHI and strive to bring the best quality work to your disposal.

    Why Choose us for Roof Inspection?

    Centurion Home Inspection should be chosen for roof inspection-

    • Our professionals are not only certified by InterNACHI but also have industry experience at their disposal.
    • Our clients range from homeowners, insurance agents, real estate agents to prospective buyers.
    • Our professionals use the state of the art equipment and technology to not only conduct the inspection but also to compile and support their findings with written as well as visual corroboration.
    • We offer professional and trusted opinion on the given property for you to make an informed decision.
    • We offer competitive prices to our clients and also much-needed discounts and offers.
    • A roof inspection should be done by professionals with expertise in the area and understanding of the roof-related nitty-gritty as well as rules regarding the same.

    Local Roof Inspector in Edmonton

    Roofs are one of the most abused components of any home. They act as a shield against the elements of nature and protect the house. They are important and precious. However, if there is any kind of problem with the roof, it may put a whole lot of stress and financial burden on the homeowner. To ease your situation, Centurion Home Inspection Ltd has put together a team of local roof inspectors in Edmonton. Our local inspectors are well aware of the problems a roof has to go through. During their professional roof inspection in Edmonton, they run a thorough check-up of the roofing system. Our focus during our roof inspections lies in finding roof leaks and cracks. Contact us right away if you have any questions regarding our services.

    Certified Roof Inspector in Edmonton

    Looking for certified roof inspectors in Edmonton? Centurion Home Inspection Ltd is all you need to cover any kind of home inspection need. Our home inspectors are certified professionals. They have been trained and certified by associations like InterNACHI. The home inspectors working with Centurion Home Inspection Ltd work in accordance with the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice set by the association.

    If you have hired us for your roof inspection in Edmonton, rest assured that we will deliver a professional roof inspection and prepare a comprehensive inspection report highlighting the roof repairs that you would need.


    A certified roof inspector is someone who has the certification from the proper organization to attend the said inspection. It generates a certain amount of trust in the professional to have acquired the certification for his trade. In this context, the certification is from a well-known organization InterNACHI. Centurion Home Inspection professionals are properly certified by this organization to conduct these tests and inspections.
    The roof inspections can range anywhere between 300$ to 600$ depending on the size of the roof to be inspected. Centurion Home Inspection provides the right price for your inspection and also additional discounts and offers. Call today to get a quote.

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