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Home inspection is one of the most crucial aspects of purchasing a house. They not only help the buyers to understand the red flags but also make sure there is peace of mind when the purchase is made. Buying a new home for the first time or shifting to a different home for the tenth time, the peace of mind should never be compromised, and neither should the enthusiasm.

At Centurion Home Inspection, we believe in providing an expert and professional report of the new homes you plan to purchase. Our priority is to make sure that your investment goes into a better future that you will call Home. We are trained and fully certified inspection professionals who can differentiate between a solid foundation from a cracked one, leaking roofs to waterproof ones, safe electrical appliances to unsafe ones and more. We guarantee a comprehensive report and work towards delivering that. We, as trained professionals, take our time and survey every inch of your home to make sure everything is meeting the criteria of the inspection.

 Why Choose us for New Home Inspection?

When you plan to get a new home for yourself, you have the advantage of involving a home inspector at very early stage to keep track of the quality work in every phase of construction in the house. If builders are in a hurry to build a new house,  or if they are inexperienced, mistakes can happen and the quality of work can often suffer. Hiring a professional home inspector would help save on costs, improve safety and prevent the loss of quality. 

We are proud of being unbiased in our inspections. You will always receive an honest and thorough report on the house you want us to inspect. We also encourage our clients to accompany us to the site and witness the kind of work we provide. We answer all your queries and make sure you are at peace with your decision of investment. We operate on the highest technical standards in Edmonton and provide you with all the detailed reports on the functioning and quality of the new abode you move into. We value the time and money of our clients; hence a dedicated, committed and accurate inspection is our promise.

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